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Enhanced technologies and integration parameters of pre-clinical studies

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When the drug penetrates into the organism, a biochemical reaction takes place and one can say the latter produces energetic changes in the organisms of the laboratory animals. The drug penetrating into the organism changes the potential energy of the body; the latter after some time brings to changes in kinetic energy which is expressed in people and in animals as changes in behaviour. This means that energy is the most important parameter in all stages beginning from molecular biology to preclinical research. Laboras system by Metris B.V. enables measurement of all types of kinetic energy while other non-invasive automated systems for behavior detection can only measure the locomotion component of the kinetic energy (e.g. locomotion energy mv./2). In addition the matrix method and technology used in Laboras provides a way to measure more behaviors and to recognize them completely automatic and more precisely than ever before. For the properly the build your study is better integrate behavioral analysis with telemetry analysis. In this case you make the matrix of statistical parameters bigger and stabile for 24 hour animal study. Laboras system can integrate with DSI telemetry system and in the same result summary analyze Physiological and behavioral parameters. For ultrasounds vocalization study use Sonotrack system and integrate with Laboras results.

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L. . Bachdasarian
Metris B.V., The Netherlands

R. . Bulthuis
Metris B.V., The Netherlands

E. . Molewijk
Metris B.V., The Netherlands

S. . Guchkov
University of Orel, Orel

A. . Revyakin
Federal State Budgetary Institution Scientific center of biomedical technologies of FederalMedical and Biological Agency, Moscow region

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Bachdasarian L..., Bulthuis R..., Molewijk E..., Guchkov S..., Revyakin A... Enhanced technologies and integration parameters of pre-clinical studies. БИОМЕДИЦИНА. 2013;1(1):83-97.

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Багдасарян Л..., Бултуис Р..., Молевик Э..., Гучков С..., Ревяки А... Усовершенствование технологий и интеграционные параметры доклинических исследований. Journal Biomed. 2013;1(1):83-97. (In Russ.)

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