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Изменения релейных и пластических свойств глутаматергических синапсов в прелимбической коре крыс при поведенческой депрессии

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Data about a prefrontal cortex activity particularly it prelimbic division at conditions of depressive syndrome are controversial. Sources of discrepancies are different syndrome duration or registration of activity in cortex superficial or deep layers. We evoked behavioral depression by chronic inflammation of back skin or by decreasing of monoamine levels in brain after reserpine administration in experiments on rats. It was explored the glutamatergic synaptic transmission at 2/3 and 5 layers of prelimbic cortex on brain slices of rats with depressive syndrome. The most significant alterations of synaptic transmission at 2/3 layers at condition of behavioral depression are increasing of amplitudes of NMDA component of field EPSPs and inhibition of long-term potentiation expression. In 5 layer of cortex it was detected decreasing amplitudes of field EPSPs for account of inhibition its AMPA components and inhibition of long-term potentiation expression. It may be to think that decreasing of activity of output neurons of 5 layer of medial prefrontal cortex and violation of connection of cortex with limbic structures bases of depressive syndrome.

Об авторах

И. И. Абрамец
Донецкий национальный медицинский университет им. М. Горького

Д. В. Евдокимов
Донецкий национальный медицинский университет им. М. Горького

Т. О. Зайка
Донецкий национальный медицинский университет им. М. Горького

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Абрамец И.И., Евдокимов Д.В., Зайка Т.О. Изменения релейных и пластических свойств глутаматергических синапсов в прелимбической коре крыс при поведенческой депрессии. БИОМЕДИЦИНА. 2016;(2):22-31.

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Abramets I.I., Evdokimov D.V., Zayka T.O. The alterations of relay and plasticity properties of glutamatergic synapses within prelimbic cortex of rats at conditions the behavioral depression. Journal Biomed. 2016;(2):22-31. (In Russ.)

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